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Every year CFOB selects a number of programming areas to focus our campaign efforts on. CFOB's Board of Directors, decides on an annual programming agenda based on the latest political situation in Burma, as well as current trends in the international pro-democracy movement for Burma.

However, there are many campaigns that carry on from the previous year which are of great importance, but due to limited resources and personnel we must maintain them as secondary campaigns. For more information, please contact CFOB

Consumer Boycotts
on-going campaigns

In the past CFOB has been highly sucessful with Consumer boycotts. In the last two years, CFOB has convinced several Canadian retailers to no longer purchase clothes from Burma. CFOb continues to encourage Canadian to not purchase retail items from Burma and to write companies that are selling goods from Burma.

Consumer boycotts have proven to be an effective means of limiting financial support for the regime and sending a message to the international community that it is unacceptable to do business with Burma until it has become democratic. From Vancouver to St. Johns-Canadians show their support for Burma

Student Solidarity Network

CFOB will continue to work with student activist group on university campuses, to help raise awareness to the situation in Burma.

Volunteers Needed!

We are always looking for volunteers to help us fight for Democratic change in Burma.

Volunteers are essential to our struggle and can engage in a wide variety of activities such as assisting with campaigns, organizing demonstrations and events, research, media, communications and more!

Please if you are interested.